Selling your home? Whether you sell your house For Sale by Owner or use a real estate agent, it’s important you know how to Prepare your home for a showing. There are a few basics things every homeowner should do before that first showing. In this short article, I will talk about three things every homeowner should do to ensure their home shows nicely.

Clean your house!

One, your house needs to be clean, clean, clean. Make your best effort to clean your home before people come in. This effort shows the potential buyer that you care about your home and that it has been well maintained.

Turn on the lights!

Two, turn on all the lights. By turning all the lights in your home on, you will give the buyer a clear view of the home and the space they will be living in. This helps to enhance the experience of the potential buyer as they tour your home. It promotes a positive phycological experience for the buyer as they consider your home

Clear your counter tops.

Three, make sure that your counter tops are cleared off.  This will help your potential buyer envision their belongings on the countertops.  Note: if your kitchen is relatively small, this will also help open up the space to provide the illusion of a larger room.


Secure Pets.

Four, if you have any pets, please secure them in a safe zone of your home or take the pet out of the house entirely when a showing is scheduled. In this manner, non-pet lovers won’t be afraid when walking in.  Also, be sure to clear out any pet odors that may remain.  This can be a large turnoff, especially to a potential buyer who is allergic.


Although this is not an exhaustive “to do” list, each one of these is extremely important when considering how to prepare your home for a showing.  Be sure to ask your Realtor for more tips on preparing your home.